Trainings and Events

Workshops on evidence-based emergency medicine

The Cochrane PEC aims to organize Cochrane-dedicated training workshops worldwide, providing participants with methodological knowledge and practical skills required to become proficient in the synthesis and interpretation of medical literature.

Urgences 2018

French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU)

Paris, France

13-15 June 2018


Byblos Health

Notre Dame Maritime Hospital

Byblos, Lebanon

19-21 April 2018

Cochrane reviews that change our daily practice

Département de médecine d'urgence du Centre universitaire Suisse

Geneva, Switzerland

19 October 2017

25th Cochrane Colloqium

Global Evidence Summit

Cape Town, South Africa

13-16 September 2017

"La Cochrane a besoin de vous"

Séminaire régional Rhone-Alpes Auvergne

Lyon, France

September 2017

Urgences 2017

French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU)

Paris, France

31 May - 2 June 2017

Urgences DPC

"Bibliographic research at the point-of-care"

Special focus on Cochrane's reviews

Paris,  France

20th April 2017

Ile de France Emergency Medicine College

Workshop: "Clinical research in emergency medicine: from idea to publication"

Paris, France

8th December 2016

Urgences 2016

French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU)
Paris, France
1st-3rd June 2016

 23th COCHRANE COLLOQUIUM Vienna, Austria
 3rd -7th October 2015

Urgences 2015

French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU)
Paris, France
8th-12th June 2015

22th COCHRANE COLLOQUIUM Hyberabad, India
 21th -25 th September 2014

Evidence Aid symposium
Hotel AVASA, Hyderabad, India
20 september 2014

URGENCES 2014 Paris, France
4th-6th June 2014

Douleur : les apports de la collaboration Cochrane et de l’ « Evidence Based Medicine ».
15 mai 2014 17h00
La Maison de la recherche, Sorbonne, Paris

Catholic University Louvain, Belgium
25th February 2014
« Critical appraisal of systematic reviews with the PEC Field »
5.30 pm

Urgences 2014 Marrakech, Morocco
21st February 2014
« Méthodologie Cochrane Polytraumatisme »
8.30 am – 10.00 am
10.30 am – 12.00 am

Cochrane Colloquium 2013
Quebec City, Canada
19 - 23 September 2013

7th Mediteranean Emergency Medicine Congres
Marseille France
8-11 September 2013

Paris, France
5- 7 June 2013
Meet us at the “Cochrane PEC Field” session on June, 7 - 14:30

2nd Evidence Aid Conference
Brussels, Belgium
29 - 30 October 2012
Watch the recordings of the conference by registering (free) here

EuSEM 2012
Antalya, Turkey
3 - 6 October 2012
Meet us at the “Cochrane PEC Field” session on October, 5- 12:20

The 20th Cochrane Colloquium
Auckland, New Zealand
30 September-3 October 2012
Meet us at the “meet the entities” session on October, 2 - 12:30